In 2010 when the Adena Mansion and Gardens Society began managing the operation of Adena Mansion and Gardens, it did not come without hard work.  The Board of Directors led by Marvin Jones worked diligently to develop a business plan that would grow with the organization.  They put together an operating team that would assist in moving the “rock”.  While some tasks have required repeat efforts Adena Mansion and Gardens Society have been committed to their mission of preserving the mansion, gardens, and grounds of Thomas Worthington and family; promoting his legacy of participation in Ohio’s early history; and enhancing present and future appreciation of Adena’s contribution to our culture.

The Adena Mansion and Gardens Society operate on a $300,000 budget.  Half of that budget is subsidized by the Ohio History Connection, while Adena Mansion and Gardens Society’s operating team works to generate the other half.  This is done through:

  • Admissions/Group Tours
  • Events
  • Membership/Sponsorship
  • Grants
  • Facility Rentals
  • Gift Shop Sales

Current Board Members are:

  • Beverly Gray
  • Deb Main
  • Sally Rathkamp
  • Steve Burkhart
  • Mike Warren
  • William Beatty
  • Terry Davis
  • Becky Neighbors
  • Randy Detillion
  • Mary Anne Brown
  • Don Gatchell
  • Paul Hixon
  • Andy Wettersten